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          Used Automatic Contour Tape Laying machine
          Automatic curved tape laying machine made in France

          Automatic contour tape laying machine of unidirectional prepreg tape in genuine packing (150mm or 300mm wide)

          Previously cut machine (150mm wide) in all directions.

           Acceptance date: 2012

           Previous application: Wing panels manufacturing

          Axes         Designation                  travel       Maximum speed

           X           Longitudinal                 36 500 mm      60 m/min

           Y            Transverse                   6 500 mm      60 m/min

           Z              Vertical                   1 200 mm      60 m/min

           C        Heads rotation around Z-axis   +/- 200 deg    8 500 deg/min

           B        Heads rotation around Y-axis    +/-A  30 deg      936 deg/min

           A        Heads rotation around X-axis    +/- 30 deg      936 deg/min

          Exclusive 3-axes motion dual laying head (C-B-A) for highly contoured parts

          Equipment included:

                  Compaction roller(s) for single phase and two-phase heads

                  Compliance system to optimize compaction despite local thickness (angular and normal to surface)

                  Program offset (lay-up tool non- touch probing)

                  Ply boundary inspection

                  Dust extractor around cutting area

                  Paper flakes monitoring

                  Safety features

                  Infra-red heating system

                  Programming software

          CNC Control: SIEMENS 840D SL (Solution-Line)

          Hardware: NCU720.2, PCU50.3 + OP15A, SINAMICS S120

          Software: SW2.6, HMI-Advanced

          The manufacturer offers the services of dismatling, installation, commissioning and formation etc.

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