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          Used Waterjet cutter FLOW

          Waterjet cutter FLOW

          Year of production: 1996
           Model :  7XD-55 

          Totally overhauled in 2020

          CNC: SIEMENS 808D-PPU151.3 programming in ISO language

          Travel of X Y Z: X 2000mm Y 3000mm Z 230mm

          Rapid travel speed of X Y Z:  20m/min

          Acceleration of the axes: 1m/s2

          Precision: +/- 0.1mm   Repeatability: 0.05mm

          High precision linear rail Guideway and ball screw transmission for travel axes BOSCH/REXROTH

          Mechanics completely revised

          Tank without filter and recycling system

          Servo motor SIEMENS 1FL6, high inertia, equipped with absolute high precision encoder 20bits multiturns and safety brake on Z axis

          Inverter SIEMENS V70

          Electrical material completely new

          Electrical cabinet new

          High pressure group – FLOW 7XD55

          Max pressure: 55 000PSI

          Full mechanical revision: replacement of all seals, filters and oil

          There is a tank for an abrasive product of 20 liters. It can be managed by the M function of CNC SIEMENS

          This machine is supplied complementarily with following:

          A pallet which contains several abrasive bags of FLOW grade 80MESH 300/150

          Use and maintenance instructions

          Electrical diagram

          Technical document


          To define for the machine and high pressure group

          12 months for the electrical material

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