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          BRETON MATRIX 800 5-axis simultaneous Vertical machining center

          BRETON MATRIX 800   5-axis simultaneous Vertical machining center

          Year of production: 2000

          CNC : FIDIA C1

          Table size: 2000x2000mm

          X axis travel:      2000mm

          Y axis travel:      2500mm

          Z axix travel :        800mm

          Distance between table surface and spindle nose : 1000mm

          Rotation of A axis:     ± 105°

          Rotation of C axis:  continuous

          Repeat positioning accuracy:      ±0.005mm/1000mm

          Positioning accuracy:                    ±0.01mm/1000mm

          Max. speed of spindle:          16 000 r/min

          Spindle power (S1):              20KW

          Max. spindle torque:            38 Nm

          Milling tool taper:               HSK-63A

          Rapid travel speed of X:      0-40m/min

          Rapid travel speed of Y:      0-40m/min

          Rapid travel speed of Z:      0-30m/min

          Rotation speed of A:           0-13t/min

          Rotation speed of C:           0-21t/min

          Disc tool magazine:             18/24    

          Total dimension of machine:    4600x3200x4250mm

          Total weight of machine:            17 000kg

          Electrospindle  24000 rpm, 20KW S1, lubrication air-oil, HSK63, torque max S1 38Nm.

          1 disc tool magazine 24 posts HSK-63

          Max. length of tool:      300mm

          Max. dia. of tool:           90mm

          Max. weight of tool:     15kg

          Time of tool changing:     8s

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