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          CNC Machine Center for cutting aluminium profile FIVES MGP 300

          CNC Machine Center for cutting aluminium profile FIVES MGP 300

          MGP 300 is a multi-functional machine tools for extrusion aluminium profile machining that integrate the entire CNC cutting in a minimum area:

          Milling, drilling, turning, countersinking, boring,routing, thread-cutting and sawing.

          Max Dimensions of extrusion aluminium profile parts could be machined:

          Length: up to 10 000 mm

          Height: up to 235 mm

          width: up to 235 mm

          CNC Machine Center equipped:

          Work axis:

          4 rotary chucks : V1, V2, V3 and V4:  +/- 200 °  speed rate 20 rpm

          V2 and V3 for machining area: 

          V1 and V4 for Push pull chuck:

          Linear AXIS:

          X:axis Programmed virtual axis feed rate up to 60m/min

          Y: cross axis : 400 mm feed rate up to 60m/min

          Z: vertical axis: 350 mm feed rate up to 30m/min 

          Milling head: GMN electrospindle:  40 KW and  24 000 rpm

          Taper : HSK 63

          Coolant cutting liquid 80l/min

          ATC: 50 positions

          Handwheel unit

          CNC SIEMENS 840 D PL

          Laser BLUM PROBE for broken tool and  tool measurement 

          Chip conveyors

          All the machining area is totally enclosed by sliding protection doors

          Machine Dimension: 10000x5000x 2900 mm weight  25 000 kg

          Low hours working production


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